What we do

Lily of the Valley provides holistic care for children and youth who have been marginalized through HIV, AIDS and a broken society.

Orphan Care

Lily of the Valley cares for up to 120 orphaned/vulnerable children and youth by surrounding them with unconditional love and support. We aim to create an environment in which they can flourish by providing a home, a surrogate family, and profound sense of belonging.

Leadership and Skills Development

Acting as the child’s surrogate family, we have a responsibility to provide our children with the skills they need to grow and develop into functioning members of society. This includes providing the children with a quality education, practical skills training, and support as they transition into society.

Medical Intervention

Because the majority of our children are HIV positive, we have on-site medical facilities and personnel that provide the necessary treatment to keep our children as healthy as possible.

Spiritual Discipleship

We are an organization that is built and run on Christian principles. It is our belief that our responsibility for the children in our care includes their eternal state. As Christians we were once orphans but now that we have been adopted into God’s family through Jesus, we do not draw back from proclaiming that message to our children.


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Join us in raising leaders. Join us in breaking the orphan cycle.



Whether you’re giving an in-kind donation or a financial gift, you are a vital part of this ministry.



Physically join us in the work we are doing at Lily by volunteering your time and investing in the lives of these children.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is about so much more than just providing financial support, it’s about investing in futures.