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Who We Are

Lily of the Valley is the home and safe haven for children who have been marginalized by a broken society. Since 1993, we have been giving these children a second chance in life by investing directly into individual children. The vision of the organization is to raise children into young adults who are achieving their God given potential.


Lily of the Valley is situated in rural Kwazulu Natal, nestled between the village of Mophela and the farming community of Eston. We have the privilege of sharing a border with Tala Game reserve. We offer full time residential care for up to 120 orphaned or vulnerable children and youth who have been infected or affected by HIV/Aids, in a homely environment. Our established projects ensure all 120 children are given quality medical care, proper nutrition, and good education, in addition to the love, discipline and security which comes from belonging to a family unit.


We believe that investment in children and education is the key to changing the future of South Africa.

Our History

When Lily of the Valley was established in 1993, the focus of the organization was on palliative care for dying children. As the children were given proper medical care, nutrition and love, many recovered from their AIDS related illnesses and their life expectancy dramatically increased.


Over the years Lily has evolved from a organization that was preparing children for death to one that is now preparing them for life.

Founded in 1993 by the Kaiser family, Lily’s first building was a converted barn.
Phase 1 of the children’s village was completed in 1998, consisting of 12 cottages.
Phase 2 was build in 2002, bringing the total number of cottages to 23.

Funding Model for Lily

Our annual operating budget for all of Lily of the Valley’s projects is approximately R9m.  Due to our financial constraints, it is only the most basic costs which we budget for. In reality, to provide the best care possible we would increase this budget significantly.


Funding is typically received from the Department of Social Development (40%), donations from corporations, national and international organizations and individuals (36%), and through our Sponsor A Child Program (9%).


We are seeking new partners to form long term, mutually beneficial relationships.  We believe with the right partners together we will transform not only the individuals in our care, but whole communities.

Funding Breakdown

Dept. of Social Development0%
Corporate and Private Donors0%
Sponsor A Child0%
Current Funding Deficit 0%

Our Leadership Team

Brendan Stapleton

Chief Executive Officer
Brendan has been serving as the CEO of Lily of the Valley since April 2011. He is responsible for all aspects of life at Lily, and enjoys the varied nature of his job. There is never a dull moment! Brendan’s favorite part of his job is knowing that everything he does each and everyday impacts the lives of the kids.

Thula Mncwabe

Operations Manager
Thula joined the Lily team in early 2014, and quickly worked his way into the hearts of the children. As Operations Manager, Thula oversees the maintenance, logistics, and human resources departments. You can often find children crowded around his car or office window wanting to say hi and get a little treaty from their “grandfather,” Baba Thula.

Michael Rosenbauer

Village Manager
Mike began serving at Lily in November of 2013, and is responsible for managing the people and departments that serve the children at Lily of the Valley. It’s largely because of the words of Matthew 25: 31-46, that Mike is now at Lily. Mike’s favorite part of his job is spending each day studying the bible, praying, and talking about the gospel with the children and staff at Lily.

Zodwa Mncwango

Lead Social Worker
Zodwa joined the Lily team in 2010 and has been like a Ma to the kids at Lily ever since. Her duties include overall management of social work services, counselling, and crisis intervention, just to name a few. Zodwa’s favorite part of her job is that she gets to come to work everyday to care, protect, provide for, and empower young people to live healthy and successful lives.

Dr Karin Volker

Medical Officer
Karin has been responsible for bringing the children at Lily to their optimum health and functioning since 2012. Her duties include monthly medical screenings, seeing staff and children for medical issues and counseling, ordering medication, and overseeing all clinic activities. Karin’s favorite part of her job is the direct contact she gets to have with patients.

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