One for Lily

With ever increasing costs and a declining income we have had to look for different ways to create a more sustainable source of income.


If 10,000 people “buy a cup of coffee” each month we can be relieved of constant financial pressure and free to concentrate on what we do best – providing the necessary environment in which to raise children to become industrious, independent adults able to make their own way in the world.


If you would like to be involved in shaping the future of tomorrow’s adults:


  • download the  Zapper app on your phone and enter your details
  • open the app, select “scan and pay” and scan the “One for Lily” QR code on this page
  • the option to pay R25 will come up (amount can be changed) and you also have the option to “give monthly” which, if chosen, will run for 12 months and then stop.
  • then “buy” a cup of coffee for Lily

Zapper will send a receipt to the e-mail you have given with details of your payment to Lily.


“One for Lily” is available only in South Africa, but we hope to roll it out with our international partners in 2017.

Scan with Zapper