Volunteer Teams

Serving as a Team

Lily of the Valley hosts teams from all over the world each year. Bringing your team to Lily is an incredible way to practically serve and love vulnerable children, while also learning about the work that Lily of the Valley does. Our goal is to not just host you as volunteers, but to build a partnership that will last for years to come.

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    What can teams do at Lily?


    Help with building and maintenance projects, as well as general upkeep around the campus.


    Teams with a desire to invest in the futures of Lily’s children could run various life-skills workshops and seminars for children and young adults, help care for toddlers during school holidays, take children out on educational field trips, and plan camps and outings for the children.


    We know that each team is unique with its own sets of skills and passions, so we welcome your ideas.


    Those with a heart for ministry could run Bible clubs with the children during school holidays, facilitate Bible studies with young adults and staff, plan a youth group event for young adults, and plan outreach events for our children to take part in.


    Team members in the health or medical professions can come and participate in meeting the needs of those under Lily’s care, provide health education and training for the staff or facilitate outreach clinics to the wider communities surrounding Lily.